Aegialitis rotundifolia Roxb. Fl.
Aegialitis rotundifolia Roxb. Fl. 

Shrub upto 3 m high, without any aerial roots, but the base of the trunk is swollen and fluted with spongy tissue 
Bark dark grey or blackish grey and fissured 
Stem straight, with inconspicuous leaf scars on shoot 
Leaf simple, alternate, cauline, exstipulate, petiolate 
Petiole 5.0 cm 8.5 cm long. dilated at base, clasping the stem. tubular leaf sheath, glabrous, solid but spongy, gradually narrow towards the lamina 
Lamina broad ovate, coriaceous, slightly fleshy, deep green, dorsiventral, dorsal side shiny, entire, obtuse, cuneate at base 
Inflorescence raceme, branched, peduncle upto 6.0 cm long, developed from sheathing petiole 
Flower bracteate, one bract and two bracteoles, bract ovate-lanceolate, entire, obtuse, curved, upto 1 cm long and 0.8 cm broad, green, bracteoles same as bract, but mucronate apex 
Flower complete, pentamerous, regular, bisexual 
Sepals 5, gamosepalous, 5 lobes above, short adjoining at abse, each lobe 1.0 cm long and 0.2 cm broad, entire, acute, green, glabrous, coriaceous, persistent, valvate, inferior 
Petals 5, polypetalous, linear oblong, white, imbricate, entire, obtuse, herbaceous, alternate to sepals 
Stamens 5, adhere, filament base adjoining to form short hollow tube, thin, filament whitish, terete, glabroaus, soft, exerted, equal length, extrose, basifixed, anther segittate, bilobed 
Carpels 5, syncarpous, ovary oblong, one chambered, basal placentation, styles 5, terminal, stigma absent