Savoryella longispora E.B.G. Jones and K.D. Hyde

Bot. Mar. 35: 83-91, 1992.

Ascomata: 192-326 m high x 116-224 m in diam., superficial or partly immersed, subglobose or ellipsoidal, pale brown to dark brown, ostiolate, papillate, periphysate, membranaceous, solitary.

Asci: 112-156 x 15-22 m, 8-spored, elongate-cylindrical or clavate, short pedunculate, thin-walled, unitunicate, semipersistent or persistent.


Ascospores: 33.5-46.5 x 7.5-12 m, uni- to biseriate, ellipsoidal, 3-septate, central cells brown, apical cells, hyaline, constricted at the septa.









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