Linocarpon appendiculatum K.D. Hyde

Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan 29: 339, 1988

Ascomata: Appearing on host fronds as black, raised dome-shaped spots, up to 530 m m in diam., with a small central papilla, and containing one ascoma. Ascomata developing below the clypeus, lenticular in section, with variable amounts of the stromatic tissue laterally, 120-180 m m high, 330-510 m m in diam., dark-brown to black, ostiolate, periphysate.

Asci: 110-169 x 7.8-9.8 m m, 8-spored, long-cylindrical, mostly straight, pedunculate, tip rounded containing a ring-like apical apparatus.

Ascospores: 75-120 x 2.2-3.5 m m, hyaline, filiform, straight or very slightly curved, singly and in mass, containing numerous refringent septum-like bands, apex rounded and slightly wider, base narrower and provided with an appendage, appearing as a polar swelling with a flattened end (bell-shaped) containing mucilage.







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