Linocarpon angustatum K.D. Hyde and Alias

Mycoscience 40: 145-149, 1999

Ascomata: Fruiting bodies raised, black, circular dome-shaped regions up to 900 m m in diam., with a central black papilla, with star-like cracks extending outwards from the papilla, developing beneath the host epidermis, with overlaying clypeus and variable development of stromatic tissue laterally. Ascomata one per stroma, lenticular, 400-448 m m high x 800-944 m m in diam., ostiolate, periphysate.

Asci 125-195 x 12.5-22 m m, 8-spored, cylindric-clavate, unitunicate, pedunculate, ends rounded, with a refractive, wedge-shaped, subapical ring not staining blue in Melzer’s reagent.

Ascospores 57.5-87.5 x 3.5-6 m m, hyaline, fasciculate, needle-shaped, tapering to a narrow point at the base, unicellular, covered with inconspicuous mucilage.









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