Herpotrichea nypicola K.D. Hyde et Alias

Mycological Research 103: 1409-1422, 1999

Ascomata: 510-630 m m high x 350-425 m m in diam., superficial, globose, black, ostiolate, short papillate, mostly clustered.

Asci : 135-180 x 17.5-12.5 m m, 8-spored, cylindric-clavate, pedunculate, bitunicate, fissitunicate, with an ocular chamber.

Ascospores: 31-42 x 7.5-12.5 m m, 2-seriate, hyaline, becoming pale brown when mature, and dark brown following release from the ascomata, fusiform, initially 1-septate, becoming 3-septate when mature, strongly constricted at the central septum, basal parts slightly longer and narrower than apical part, with apical cellular appendages.








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