Dactylospora mangrovei E.B.G. Jones, Alias, Abdel-Wahab et S.-Y.Hsieh

Mycoscience 40 : 317-320, 1999

Ascomata: 200-330 um high x 430-850 m m in diam., superficial, semiglobose or discoid to convex, apothecia-like, dark brown to black, sessile, attached to the substratum by an obconical foot, coriaceous, solitary or gregarious.

Asci: 35-56 x 9.5-13 m m, 8-spored, thick-walled, cylindric-clavate, pedunculate, apex staining blue in Melzer's reagent.

Ascospores: 11.5-17 x 3.2-5.8 mm, obliquelly 1-2-seriate, pale brown to reddish brown, ellipsoidal or obovoid, occasionally allantoid, 1-septate, no constrictions at septa, verrucose.








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