Anthostomella nypensis K.D. Hyde & Alias

In press

Ascomata: 210-326 m high x 250-340 m in diam., immersed under minute clypeus, visible as minute black dots, surrounded by dark grey tissue, globose or subglobose, black, ostiolate, periphysate, gregarious.

Asci: 86-110 x 9-12.5 m, (4-)-8-spored, cylindrical, short pedunculate, unitunicate, apically rounded, with a discoid subapical ring staining blue in Melzer’s reagent.

Ascospores: 12-18 x 5.5-7.5 x 4.5-6.5 m, overlapping uniseriate or occasionally uniseriate, greenish-brown, inequilaterally broadly ellipsoidal, smooth walled, surrounded by a very thin mucilaginous sheath, germ slit full length, ventral.







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