Aniptodera haispora Vrijmoed, K.D. Hyde and E.B.G. Jones

Mycol. Res. 98: 699-704, 1994

Ascomata: 200-356 x 170-320 m, immersed, semi-immersed or superficial, axis horizontal or vertical to the host surface, light-brown to pale grey, ostiolate, papillate, solitary or gregarious.

Asci: 80-115 x 16-28 m, 8-spored, clavate, thin-walled, unitunicate, pedunculate, with thickened and flattened apex containing a refractive pore.

Ascospores: 14-22 x 10-12 m, hyaline, ellipsoidal, 2-celled, weakly constricted at the septa and thick-walled.









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