DACTylospora haliotrepha (Kohlm. & Kohlm.) Hafellner

Nova Hedwigia 62: 111, 1979.

Ascomata 225-300 mm high, 480-750 mm diameter, subglobose or flat or convex, discoid, apothecia like, sessile, superficial, fleshy-leathery, dark reddish brown to black, solitary or gregarious. Excipulum composed of thick-walled, subglobose to polygonal cells diverging from the center in parallel rows, merging into the sclerenchymatous foot, arching over the hymenium. Hypothecium consisting of thin-walled cells, merging basally with the hyaline foot. Pseudoparaphyses simple, rarely branching, clavate, hyaline, surpassing the asci.

Asci 70-96 x 15-20 mm, 8-spored, clavate, bitunicate, short pedunculate, thin-walled at the base, thick-walled at the apex, without any apical apparatus.

Ascospores 17-25 x 8-11 mm ellipsoidal or obovoid, 1-septate in the lower third, constricted at the septum, obliquely one or biseriate, grayish green to brownish with delicate longitudinal striations.




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