Cryptovalsa sp.

Ascomata 285-330 mm high, 300-410 mm dia; flask shaped, black immersed in a widespreading entostroma in the surface layers of the host tissue, with protruding necks. Necks: 180-280 mm long, 65-110 mm diam., of dark angular cells, with periphyses.

Peridium 2-layered, comprising an inner layer, of hyaline elongate cells, and an outer layer, of dark fungal hyphae fusing at the outside with the host tissue. Paraphyses hyaline, filiform, hyphae-like, filamentous, numerous.

Asci 95-135 x 7-12 mm, multispored, cylindric-fusoid, tapering to the peduncle, tapering in the upper part to a truncate thickened apex, with a faint, non-amyloid sub-apical ring.

Ascospores 4-6.8 x 1.0-1.5 mm, allantoid, non-septate, hyaline.


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