Ascocratera manglicola Kohlmeyer

Can. J. Bot. 64: 3036-3042, 1986.

Ascomata 570-800 mm high, 750-1150 mm in diameter, conical with a flat base, erumpent from the substrate and superficial when mature, seated on a thin stroma, ostiolate, periphysate, epapillate, carbonaceous, black, with irregular bulges or ridges around the ostiole, gregarious, single or sometimes two or more attached to each other. Pseudoparaphyses trabeculate, septate.

300-420 x 22-30
mm, eight-spored, cylindrical, pedunculate, thick-walled, fissitunicate, with a refractive apical ring or cap, arising from a basal ascogenous tissue, composed of small cells.

50-65 x 15-20
mm, overlapping nonstichously in the ascus, ellipsoidal, initially one-septate and later becoming three-septate, constricted at the central primary septum, hyaline, surrounded by a gelatinous evanescent sheath.



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