Aniptodera mangrovei Hyde Can. J. Bot. 64: 2989-2992, 1986.

Ascomata 245-325 mm high x 260-345 mm diameter, globose to subglobose, light brown to black, solitary or gregarious, immersed, papillate, ostiolate and membranous. Catenophyses present.

Asci: 110-142 x 34-60 mm, 8-spored, unitunicate, thin walled, clavate, short pedunculate with an apical apparatus (composed of a ring and plug), deliquescing before or at ascospore maturity, developing at the base of the ascocarp.

Ascospores 36-42 x 10.5-13 mm, ellipsoidal to fusiform, uniseptate, sometimes constricted at the septum, hyaline and appendaged, ascospore appendages 5 - (18) - 30 mm in depth (prior to uncoiling), bipolar, appressed closely to one side of the spore and composed of a simple filament which is tightly coiled and appears hamate. The appendages on coming in cotact with water uncoil to become a long thread still attached at the polar region.










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