Cirrenalia pygmea Kohlm.

Ber. Dtsch. Bot. Ges. 79: 35, 1966.

Conidiophores micronematous. Conidiogenous cells integrated, monoblastic, terminal, determinate.

Conidia spiralis 30-34 x 29-36 mm, solitary, acrogenous, reniform, black or fuscous, helicoid, contorted 1/2 or one time, 3-septate, not constricted at the septa, fist shaped or reniform, fulgent, (upper three cells dark, lower one cell light coloured); cells increasing in diameter from base to apex, distinctly dissimilar; terminal cell subglobose to reniform, basally flattened, 12-18 mm, irregularly conical or almost wedge-shaped.




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