NIA vibrissa Moore et Meyers

Mycologia 51: 874, 1959

Basidiomata 1-3 mm in diameter, subglobose, superficial, anchored in the substrate with an inconspicuous cylindrical pedical (50 m long, 80 m in diameter), whitish, yellowish, pinkish, and finally orange coloured, soft, thin-walled, villous, containing a homogenous gleba; opening by irregular rupture of the peridium; solitary or gregarious.

Basidia 35-50 m long, 2 m in diameter, bearing at the round apex four to eight basidiospores; hyaline, without sterigmata.

Basidiospores 8-14 m long 6-10 m in diameter, ovoid or ellipsoidal, one-celled, hyaline, appendaged; at the apex provided with a single slender, flexible attenuate, hyaline appendage, terminally slightly inflated; four (sometimes three or five) similar, subterminal, radiating appendages around the base, at the point of attachment to the basidium with a short cylindrical projection.





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