Halocyphina villosa J. & E. Kohlm.

Nova Hedwigia 9: 100, 1965

Basidiomata 330-540 mm high, 260-410 mm diameter at the apex, turbinate or clavate, cyphelloid, whitish or yellowish, pedunculate, soft, thin-walled, eventually funnel shaped or cupulose, superficial, tomentose, gregarious. Peridium composed of closely packed, hyaline, rarely branched hyphae with thin walls and rare clamp connections; external hairs simple or dichotomously branched near the tip, hyaline. Hymenium covered by a network of hyphae through which at maturity basidiospores are pushed to the outside.

Basidia 15-20 x 5.-7.5 mm, 0-septate, hyaline, four-spored, clavate or cylindrical with a narrow base, with 2 to four evanescent sterigmata.

Basidiospores 7.5-9 x 6.5-7.5 mm, 1-celled, hyaline, subglobose, smooth, non-amyloid, accumulating at maturity in the opening of the basidiocarp.










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