CALAthella mangrovei Jones et Agerer

Bot. Mar. 35: 29, 1992

Basidiomata: cyphelloid, 800-3050 m high, 400-1100 m in diameter at the apex, 750-910 m in middle and 250-500 m in stalk region, club shaped, pedunculate, superficial, whitish and become yellowish during maturity, solitary or gregarious, surrounded with surface hairs. Hymenium: lining the inner wall of the basidiomata.

Basidia: 60-80 x 5-8.5 m, suburniform to cylindrical with a long tail, non-septate, hyaline, with 4 sterigmata.

Basidiospores: 8-12 x 6-10 m, one celled, hyaline, smooth, ellipsoidal to round.










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