Zopfiella sp.

Ascomata superficial, globose, non-ostiolate, 152-300 m wide, black. Peridium coriaceous, dark brown, 3 to 4 layers, 12-16 mm of thickness; the innermost layers are thin-walled, colourless, appearing as textura angularis in cross section, thick, composed of several rows of thin cells of 12-17 m diam.

Asci clavate, 8-spored, evanescent, the apex rounded, 105-135 x 24.5-30 mm, paraphyses not observed.

Ascospores two celled; upper cell 20-26.5 x 10-14.5 mm, ellipsoidal, thick-walled, the apex rounded and apical germ pore; lower cell 15-25 x 5-7 (8.5) mm (at the widest part), obclavate with a rounded or slightly apiculate end, hyaline, more or less thin-walled.










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