VERRUCulina enalia (Kohlm.) Kohlm. & Volkm.-Kohlm.

Mycol. Res. 94: 689, 1990

Ascomata 242-310 mm high, 218-400 mm diameter, subglobose, completely immersed, carbonaceous, solitary, ampulliform or depressed-ellipsoidal, papillate, clypeate. Papillae surrounded by a blackish brown clypeus, conical; ostiolar canal obturbinate, filled with hyaline long, delicate, periphyses. Pseudoparaphyses rarely branched, septate, merging with periphyses in the ostiolar canal.

Asci 102-150 x 12-15 mm, thick walled, 8-spored, pedunculate, cylindrical, bitunicate, without apical apparatus.

Ascospores 17-22.5 x 8.5-10 mm, ellipsoidal, obliquely uniseriate, 1-septate, constricted at the septum, dark brown, VERRUCose to VERRUCulose, sometimes with distinct small, hyaline, germ pore at each apex.






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