Aniptodera chesapeakensis Shearer & Miller

Mycologia, 69: 894, 1977.

Ascomata superficial or partially immersed, globose to subglobose, hyaline when young and becoming greenish brown with age, membranous, 140-280 mm high x 160-288 mm diam., spherical with a cylindrical neck 80-215 mm length 34-68 mm wide lined with periphyses, apical or subapical portion of the neck becoming dark forming a ring around the neck.

Asci clavate, 68-110 x 23-38 mm, unitunicate, constricted below the apex, apex with pore, asci deliquescing at maturity. Paraphyses absent, catenophyses present.

Ascospores 22-35 x 9-14 mm, hyaline, thick walled, one septate, sometimes a single appendage is present, discharged in a mass at the apex of neck.











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