Savoryella paucispora (Cribb et Cribb) Koch

Nordic J. Bot. 2: 169, 1982

Ascomata 84-140 m in diameter, flask-shaped, immersed, ostiolate, papillate, membranaceous, cream-colored to brown, solitary. Papillae 70-100 m long, 40-55 m diameter, stout, pallid. Paraphyses up to 1 m in diameter, scarce, simple or ramose.

Asci 82-100 x 18-23 m, two-spored, cylindrical-clavate, thin-walled at maturity.

Ascospores 36-50 x 13-16.5 m, fusoid-ellipsoidal, three-septate, slightly constricted at the septa, central cells brown, apical cells hyaline.







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