Saccardoella marinospora Hyde

Mycologia 84(5): 806, 1992.

Ascomata 780-1040 mm high, 650-960 mm in diam., globose or subglobose, immersed under a clypeus, ostiolate, short papillate, coriaceous brown-black, solitary or in groups of two to three. Clypeus extending outwards around the papillae comprised of host cells filled with highly melanized fungal hyphae, becoming very dense and blackened nearest the ostiole.

Asci 170-200 x 9-12 mm, eight spored, cylindrical, thin-walled, unitunicate, short pedunculate, apically rounded or flattened with a small ring-like subapical apparatus.

Ascospores 25-37 x 7.5-10 mm, overlapping uniseriate, hyaline at maturity, cylindrical, with acute poles, three-septate, not constricted at the septa, surrounded by a thin sheath, which swells in water to become large and indistinct.










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