RHIZOPhila marina Hyde et Jones

Mycotaxon 34: 527-533, 1989

Ascomata 450-870 mm in diameter, 445-750 mm high, globose to subglobose, completely immersed in the substrate, ostiolate, papillate, periphysate, coriaceous, dark brown to black, solitary or gregarious. Peridium 2-layered; the outer layer thick, composed of a highly melanized layer of irregular hyphae interdispersed at the outside with the host cells, the inner layer, thin, hyaline, composed of irregular thin-walled elongate cells which fuse with the paraphyses-like structures. Necks up to 450 mm long x 145-210 mm in diameter, ostiolar canal lined with periphyses. Paraphyses-like structures, 3-4 mm wide, consisting of irregular shaped cells, septate.

Asci 74-101 x 13-21 mm, 8-spored, 2-3 seriate, clavate, pedunculate, unitunicate, thin-walled with an indistinct apical thickening, slightly truncate, without an apical apparatus.

Ascospores 20-32 x 6-10 mm, ellipsoidal to fusiform, one celled, hyaline when immature, yellowish to yellowish brown at maturity.



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