Nais glitra Crane & Shearer

Trans. Br. Mycol. Soc. 86: 509, 1986.

Ascomata 250-350 mm high, 300-450 mm diameter, globose to subglobose, immersed, cream coloured, becoming black with age, ostiolate, membranaceous, papillate, solitary. Papillae dark brown at the base, becoming light brown to sub-hyaline at apex, cylindrical; ostiolar canal lined with numerous filamentous, branched, loosely interwoven, periphyses. Pseudoparenchyma at first surrounding the developing asci later eventually breaking up into rudimentary catenophyses. Paraphyses absent.

Asci 240-290 x 60-80 mm, clavate to ellipsoid, biseriate, 8-spored, thin-walled, pedunculate, unitunicate with an apical pore, deliquescing at maturity.

Ascospores 40-45 x 22-28.5 mm, oblong to obovate, hyaline, 1-septate, slightly constricted and with granular deposits at the septum, apical cells may be either equal in length and width or larger and broader than the basal cell.



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