MARINOsphaera mangrovei Hyde

Can. J. Bot. 67: 3080, 1989.

Ascomata 150-200 mm high, 90-130 mm diameter, globose to subglobose, light brown, papillate, ostiolate, immersed. Neck: up to 400 mm long, mature ascospores are seen attached at the tip, periphysate. Paraphyses: present, septate.

Asci: 80-120 x 18-20 mm, 8-spored, with an apical pore, pedunculate, unitunicate.

Ascospores: 25-30 x 6.5-8.5 mm, 0-3 septate, broad ellipsoidal, irregularly biseriate, constricted at the septum.







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