LINEOlata rhizophorae (Kohlm. & Kohlm.) Kohlm. Volkm.-Kohlm.

Mycol. Res. 94: 688, 1990.

Ascomata 350-400 mm x 220-300 mm diameter, partly immersed, obpyriform, papillate, ostiolate, subcarbonaceous to subcoriaceous, blackish-brown, gregarious. Papillae conical, emerging over the substrate; ostiolar canal lined with simple, septate, hyaline, periphyses. Pseudoparaphyses septate, simple or branched, persistent.

140-195 x 12-15
mm, 8-spored, short pedunculate, cylindrical, thick-walled, physoclastic, bitunicate.

22-32 x 7.5-11
mm, straight or obliquely uniseriate, 1-septate, slightly constricted at the septum, ellipsoidal, dark brown, striate by delicate costae that run parallel or in a slight angle to the longitudinal axis of the ascospore, brown.





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