Lignincola tropica Kohlm.

Marine Ecology (P.S.Z.N.I.) 5: 355, 1984.

Ascomata 325-450 mm high, 250-420 mm diameter, subglobose to ellipsoidal, immersed or almost superficial, ostiolate, papillate, coriaceous, light to dark brown, solitary or gregarious. Papillae 175-400 x 80-150 mm, cylindrical or often irregularly shaped, curved or inflated; ostiolar canal periphysate. Peudoparenchyma of thin-walled cells filling centrum of young ascocarps; eventually breaking up into catenophyses. Asci 130-200 x 24-34 mm, eight-spored, clavate, pedunculate, truncate above, unitunicate, thin-walled, aphysoclastic, refractive at the apex and with a pore, semi-persistent, developing at the base of the ascocarpial centrum.

Ascospores 22-36 x 12-16 mm, ellipsoidal, one-septate (rarely non-septate), slightly or not constricted at the septum, hyaline, without appendages.


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