Lignincola longirostris (Cribb & Cribb) Kohlm.

Marine Ecology (P.S.Z.N.I.) 5: 353, 1984.

Ascomata 100-215 mm high, 110-225 mm diameter, membranaceous, subglobose or bottle shaped, immersed, ostiolate, papillate, brown, solitary or gregarious. Papillae cylindrical, often curved and variable in diameter, projecting over the surface of the substrate. Paraphyses absent.
60-96 x 10-17.5
mm, unitunicate, 8-spored, cylindrical-clavate, ellipsoidal-clavate or subfusiform, short pedunculate, at first apically thick-walled, later becoming thin-walled, with an apical pore, wall irregularly deliquescing.
12-15.5 x 4.5-7.8
mm, elongate, irregularly biseriate, ellipsoidal, 1-septate, slightly constricted at the septum, hyaline, without appendages or sheath.








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