Phaeosphaeria oraemaris (Linder) Khasnab et Shearer

Farlowia 1:413, 1944.

Ascomata 140-225 m high, 152-280 m in diameter, subglobose, ellipsoidal or broadly ovoidal, partly or totally immersed, ostiolate, short papillate or epapillate, carbonaceous or subcarbonaceous, black, base often lighter colored, solitary or gregarious.

Asci 90-130 x 8-12 m, eight-spored, cylindrical or subclavate, short pedunculate, bitunicate, thick-walled, physoclastic, without apical apparatuses; developing at the base of the ascocarp venter.

Ascospores 17-28 m x 4-7.5 m, biseriate, fusiform or rarely oblong-ellipsoidal or subclavate, straight or slightly curved, one or three-septate, strongly constricted at the septum, less so at others, pale brown becoming darker in age.


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