LEPTOsphaeria AUSTRAliensis (Cribb & Cribb) Hughes

Syesis 2: 132, 1969

Ascomata 120-180 mm high, 100-200 mm diameter, immersed, coriaceous, papillate, ostiolate, obpyriform, fuscous or light coloured at the base, light brown, solitary or gregarious. Papillae conical or subcylindrical, fuscous or almost hyaline; ostiolar canal lined with periphyses. Pseudoparaphyses septate, somewhat branched, persistent.

Asci 80-120 x 7.5-11 mm, 8-spored, pedunculate, thick walled when young and becoming relatively thin-walled later, clavate-fusiform, indistinctly bitunicate, with an apical apparatus.

Ascospores 19-26 x 5-7 mm, fusiform or clavate-fusiform or ellipsoidal, biseriate, 3- septate, constricted at the septa, hyaline.






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