LAUTOspora gigantea Hyde et Jones

Bot. Mar. 32: 479, 1989.

Ascomata: subglobose, totally immersed in the wood forming white mycelial growth at the tip of the neck, coriaceous, ostiolate.

: 490-640 x 55-70
mm, thick-walled, cylindrical to fusiform, bitunicate, pedunculate, 4 spored.

Ascospores: 116-165 x 36-54 mm, thick-walled, muriform, hyaline, uni- or biseriate, fusiform, more attenuated in lower part, somewhat inequilateral with 19-20 cross septa and 2-6 rows of longitudinal septa near the centre of the spore (end cells without longitudinal septa), distoseptate.






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