Kirschsteiniothelia maritima (Linder) Hawksworth

Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 91:193, 1985

Ascomata 64-124 mm high, 152-342 mm in diameter, sub-conical, or subglobose with a flattened base, occasionally membranous at the edge, superficial or partly immersed, ostiolate, short papillate or epapillate, carbonaceous, black, gregarious. Peridium, 2-layered, outer layer brownish black, inner layer hyaline. Ostiolar canal periphysate. Pseudoparaphyses septate, ramose, attached at both ends.

Asci 65-105 x 20-34 mm, eight spored, clavate or elongate- ellipsoidal, pedunculate, bitunicate, thick-walled at the apex, physoclastic, without apical apparatus; developing at the base of the ascocarp venter.

Ascospores 17-24 x 7-11 mm, bi- or rarely triseriate, ellipsoidal to subfusiform, one-septate somewhat below the center, constricted at the septum, brown.





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