Halorosellinia oceanica Whalley et al

Mycotaxon 33: 413, 1988.

Stromata subglobose, solitary or caespitose, two layered, outer carbonaceous, pigmented, inner layer non-pigmented.

Ascomata 300-410 mm high, 425-520 mm diam., subglobose, ostiolate, short papillate; Paraphyses persistent, broad, 2-2.5 mm diam.

Asci eight-spored, cylindrical, stipitate, with the apical ring bluing in Melzer's reagent, 122-178 mm total length x 10.5-17.5 mm.

Ascospores brown, one-celled, 19-24.5 x 8-12.5 mm, subglobose to broadly elliptic, rounded ends, with a straight germ slit, monostichously arranged in the ascus.





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