Halosarpheia minuta Leong

Can. J. Bot. 69: 883-886, 1990

Ascomata globose to ellipsoidal, black, solitary, immersed to slightly superficial on intact bark or substratum, membranaceous, ostiolate, papillate.
48-68 x 14-23
mm, cylindrical-clavate, pedunculate, unitunicate, thin-walled, persistent, apex flattened, slightly thickened, refractive, with an indistinct apical pore, developing in a hymenium at the base of the ascocarp, 8-spored, spores irregularly arranged.

Ascospores 10-14 mm x 5-7 mm, ellipsoidal, hyaline, 2-celled, median septate, not or slightly constricted at septum, thin-walled, smooth, with apical appendages. Ascospore appendages attached apically to ascospore wall, initially caplike and stiff.










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