Halosarpheia ABONNIs Kohlm.

Mar. Ecol. (P.S.Z.N.I.). 5: 339, 1984

Ascomata 330-525 mm high, 350-610 mm in diameter, ellipsoidal, immersed, papillate, ostiolate, coriaceous, light brown, main axis sometimes horizontal with a lateral, recurved neck.

Papillae 285-365 mm long, 85-145 mm in diameter, cylindrical, centrally or laterally inserted, sometimes curved and irregular; ostiolar canal periphysate. Catenophyses present.

Asci 220-295 x 28-50 mm, 8-spored, clavate, unitunicate, pedunculate, thin walled, thickened at the apex, persistent, apical apparatus not observed.

Ascospores 34-42 x 16-20 mm (excluding appendages), ellipsoidal, one-septate, slightly constricted at the septum, hyaline, with apical-subapical appendages; one caplike, stiff and homogenous appendage is attached to each apex and runs partially along the side of the ascospore, at maturity becoming soft and scooplike, eventually transforming into long, sticky filaments, attached to the ascospore apices with their bases.








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