EUTYPA bathurstensis Hyde & Rappaz

Mycol. Res. 97(7): 861-864, 1991

Ascomata spherical to flattened, 300-420 mm high, 320-480 mm wide, submerged in the wood, regularly spaced, occasionaly deeply buried. Neck up to 440 mm long, not raising the uniformly blackened wood surface, or occasionally raised, then wood surface blackened only under one or a few ascomata. Ostiole poorly developed or conical up to 300 mm high, (120) 150-200 mm dia., not sulcate. Paraphyses numerous, persistent.

Asci clavate, eight-spored, 25-38 x 5-7.5 mm (length of spore region), pedicel 10-28 mm (total length : 35-56 mm). Apical annulus not blueing in iodine.

Ascospores 5.5-9.5 x 1.5-2.8 mm, eight spored, biseriate, olive-brown, allantoid, containing oil droplets and limited by a thin epispore






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